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"The hum of bees is the voice of the garden."

We offer extensive Live honeybee removals & Relocations, Pollination to Hive management services.

Services we offer

Honeybee removals & relocations

We remove and relocate Honey Bees all over the Lowveld area with our experienced team. Removing bees can be extremely dangerous and we advise that you don't attempt to do it yourself. We have all the required certification and insurance to give our clients the best possible service and peace of mind.

Pollination services

Bees ensure a reliable and diverse seed and fruit supply through pollination. Linked to this, is the improvement of crop yield and quality through proper pollination as many plants and crops are dependent on insects and especially honey bees for pollination in order to propagate and produce fruit.

Hive management services

We offers hive management to both farmers, hobbyists and smaller beekeepers to ensure their hives remain in optimal health and productivity.

Beekeeping Consulting Services

The Beeger Picture offers consulting services for existing, new and start-up beekeepers as well as farmers wanting to optimize their hives placements for best pollination and or honey production. Advice on planting additional bee forage to ensure optimal health of honey bee colonies and other natural pollinators is an integral part of this service.

Honey extraction services

We provide a full range of honey extraction services to our clients through a complete management system whereby the honey is harvested, extracted and bottled.

Beekeeping Equipment and hive sales

We supply bee tools, bee info and honey harvesting equipment. We retail bee tools, bee hives, honey settling tanks, honey extractors, beeswax extractors and bee books along with almost every other bee equipment a beekeeper needs including bee courses!

Beekeeping Equipment and Hives

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Honeybee Removals & Relocations

We support responsible and sustainable beekeeping and we keep up to date with the latest in beekeeping developments and technology.

Our bees are happy, healthy and perhaps just a little pampered!

We are certified Badger Friendly and fully registered and compliant with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF)

Apiculturist registered with: Dept. of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, (Duff) (Mp083) and Northern Beekeepers Association.

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"Fast and reliable service. They keep you up to date with the whole process. Thank you for your business."
Aukelene Fourie
I’m a happy client. Gustav from Honey Bee Removals responded PROMPTLY and gave me EXCELLENT service. What more could one ask for?
Victoria Mashiane
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